Silverlining is an entrepreneurial development outfit focus on acquiring and imparting relevant business skills on young people. In addition, we are also into planning of social and religious events, decorations and write ups that suites your taste.

Silverlining as an entrepreneurial organization  started its full operation as an event planner and decoration in October 2008 and since then, it has recorded numerous  successful event packages both mild and elaborate stemming from valedictory services plans, Birthday plans, Cheiftancy Tittle ceremony plans, Governorship campaign plans, Intersecondary school debate plans among Others with huge successes. Silverlining as a social entrepreneurial Outfit on the other hand is geared towards youth rediscovery and raising social entrepreneurs.

Silverlining make waves and stand out uniquely in the midst of other competitors because of its sense of creativity and trends discovery. It stands where others fail with growing passion for creative designs and raising social entrepreneurs for developments.

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